Treat & Greet

There are many places to stop in the Cayman islands. The Cayman Treats Restaurant is one of the sweet spots for a good dessert. They make lots of goodies. From the well-known like cheesecake, cookies and tarts to the exotic such as mincemeat pie.

Quarantine Cooking

The corona virus pandemic may be causing a lot of limits and restrictions, but that’s no reason to stop cooking. I have been making so much food with mostly inexpensive ingredients. Here are some pictures of the dishes. Roasted Chicken Gremolata with Hasselback Potatoes & Broccoli Spiced Bread Pudding Triple Bean Veggie Chili

A Cookie is Worth a Thousand Words

Baking and decorating Christmas cookies is a tradition in many family households. But, my dad is an amateur artist. So, on Christmas vacation 2019, my whole family tried to channel their inner Leonardo and made their own edible works of art. Try and guess which cookies are decorated by my father which ones aren’t. These…

A Celebration for Shelled Reptiles

On Sunday of pirate week, Grand Cayman  had an event at the beach where zookeepers let free fully grown sea turtles into the ocean. Each turtle was given a name. Special guest is Captain Jack Sparrow (an actor). They even named a turtle after him. Personally, turtles are one of my favorite animals. So this…

Island Art

One day, my family and I visited a concrete sculpture garden. It’s like a rock garden, but with finer works of art. Most of the Sculptures look almost alive. The shark, turtle, iguana, hermit crab and chickens(Oops…..the chickens are actually real).

Thanksgiving Leftover Makeover-Part 2

It was that time of the year again. Yes Thanksgiving, but I’m talking about Black Friday. Where the holiday shopping begins and people turn the remains from T-day into sandwiches. For me, I go crazy and turn leftovers into new dishes. I made stuffing waffles, turkey schnitzel, pumpkin pie milkshakes, mashed potato soup and more.

Pirate Week

It was pirate week in the Cayman islands and there was an event every day of the week. A food festival, fireworks, a parade and more. Everyone had a lot of fun and left with a great treasure…memories.

What’s for Breakfast?

One morning, I was making some french toast for my mom, my brother Shakir and I. I’ll tell you this, it doesn’t deserve the name pain perdu (French for “lost bread”). This is why engineers should invent smell-o-vision.

That’s The Way The Competition Crumbles

Friday afternoon was an interesting time. I entered a cookie contest with my shortbread cookies with two individual flavors, rosemary and chocolate chips/ walnuts, cardamom and vanilla. I won People’s Choice and a mystery prize. My shortbread cookies This is the winner from last year. (She also entered this year).

Taste of Cayman Volunteer Party

Another Taste of Cayman festival has come and gone. My brother Shakir, mom and I volunteered to help to keep the festival a well-oiled machine. A few weeks after, they put up a party at Sharkeez bar and grill to thank the people who volunteered. There was plenty of food, music and people to meet,…